Certification or Diamond Grading Report

A diamond’s certificate or grading report is an assessment of a gemstone’s identity and quality characteristics such as color, clarity, carat weight, polish and symmetry and sometimes cut from an independent laboratory. GIA, AGS, EGL, and IGI are some of the most...


A unit of measure of weight of diamonds and gemstones. One carat can also be divided into 100 “points.” A .50-carat stone is the same as a 50-point or 1/2-carat stone. A .25-carat stone is the same as a 25-point or ¼-carat stone.

Brilliant Cut

This cutting style is most often used for diamonds, consisting of 58 facets, also known as “modern cut” or “full cut.” Brilliant cuts are scientifically found to reflect the most light from within the stone compared to most other cuts.


The appearance, or extent, of internal and external reflections of “white” light seen in a polished diamond when it is viewed face-up.