Anniversary Gifts by Year

By: Andrew Elawar

Portrait of laugh couple with glasses of champagne

My fellow men, are you seething in utter confusion as you deliberate on what to buy your dear wife for your upcoming anniversary? Seethe no more. Confusion be gone. Deliberate at ease. Allow me to tell you exactly what to buy…and yes, I mean that in the most literal sense. Note: If you are reading this and cannot remember your anniversary, stop reading this and click here.

1st Anniversary: Gold Jewelry 2nd Anniversary: Garnet 3rd Anniversary: Pearl 4th Anniversary: Blue Topaz 5th Anniversary: Sapphire
6th Anniversary: Amethyst 7th Anniversary: Onyx 8th Anniversary: Tourmaline 9th Anniversary:
Lapis Lazuli
10th Anniversary: Diamond
11th Anniversary: Turquoise12th Anniversary: Jade13th Anniversary: Citrine14th Anniversary:
15th Anniversary: Ruby
16th Anniversary: Peridot17th Anniversary: Luxury Watch18th Anniversary: Cat’s Eye19th Anniversary: Aquamarine20th Anniversary: Emerald
21st Anniversary: Iolite22nd Anniversary: Spinel23rd Anniversary: Imperial Topaz24th Anniversary:
25th Anniversary: Sterling Silver
30th Anniversary: Colored Pearl35th Anniversary: Emerald40th Anniversary: Ruby 45th Anniversary: Colored Sapphire50th Anniversary: Gold Jewelry
60th Anniversary: Yellow Diamond 65th Anniversary: Luxury Watch70th Anniversary: Star Sapphire 80th Anniversary: Blue Diamond or Red Beryl

So now that you know exactly what to buy for each year that has passed in your journey of absolute marital bliss, the next thing to do is to get in touch with your favorite jeweler to begin the process of creating your one-of-a-kind anniversary gift. Be sure to visit a jewelry store that has a certified gemologist on site that can educate you and help you make an informed purchase. The last thing you need to come home with is a horrid imitation Emerald or Ruby! As Warren Buffet once said: “If you don’t know jewelry, know your jeweler.”

You’ve been patiently waiting for it. So here it comes– my cheesy and typical “Jared’s”, “Kay’s” and “Shaw’s” line: Nothing says, “I love you” on your anniversary more than a fine piece of jewelry that can be handed down for generations to come (Delivery and aura may sound cliché but the premise is absolutely true!)

All jokes aside, I hope that by now you have a clear picture of what to purchase as a traditional wedding anniversary gift. With your newly acquired knowledge, you should enjoy your shopping experience, take your time, make the right purchase and be sure to take Mr. Buffet’s advice–know your jeweler!

Andrew Elawar is a Jewelry store owner, GIA accredited jewelry professional and a GIA Graduate Gemologist. 

Contact: [email protected]