A diamond is the hardest known natural substance. It is crystallized carbon. Diamonds are mined in their rough form and then, cut and polished to reveal their brilliance.

Deep Cut

When a diamond is cut too deep, it will lose or leak light through the side or bottom. This results in less brilliance and value.

Cutting Style

Cutting styles are different than diamond shapes. The simplest and most common way to explain cutting style is to categorize it into the following three basic types: Step-cut, Brilliant-cut and Mixed-cut.


Cut is not the same as shape; shape is a matter of personal preference, but the quality of the cut determines whether light will be properly reflected through the diamond and the color properly dispersed. An ideal cut diamond is cut to precise calculated proportions...

Cushion Cut

The Cushion Cut diamond has been around since the mid 18th century and was the most common cut until the early 20th century. This cut combines a square cut with rounded corners thereby resembling a cushion.