DND Jewelers wants you to feel secure about the identity of your diamond forever. For your protection we can have your diamond laser inscribed with its very own security identification number, personal message, wedding date, birth date or even a company logo so that you can forever identify your diamond as your own.

Laser Inscription 2_0

The laser inscription process involves using the precise heat of a fine laser beam to write on the outside perimeter of a diamond known as the girdle. The laser inscription is microscopic, invisible to the naked eye and can only be seen with a Jeweler’s 10x loupe.  Laser inscription is permanent and does not change the color grade or clarity grade of a diamond.

Laser inscription eliminates the risk associated with fraudulent activity and the accidental switching of your diamond.  You will be able to identify your diamond and be certain that the diamond you left with a jeweler for setting or repairs is the same one that is returned to you.  In addition to providing you with peace of mind, laser inscribed diamonds are preferred by insurance companies and many insurance companies offer discounts because of the extra security measure.

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