My experience at DND was outstanding from start to finish. My fiancé and I made an appointment with Andrew to come in after she got off work one evening so we could show him some concepts we had for a setting and discuss center stones. Despite it being late in the evening, there was no absolutely no hurriedness or pressure. Andrew spent almost two hours explaining the 5 C’S of diamond grading and what is important in a stone to get the most for your money. He didn’t just show us certificates or stones set in plastic display boxes. He let us see and hold stones of all sizes, color and clarity grades. He taught us what was important and helped us locate a stone within our budget that was larger and higher quality than we thought possible. This was a far better experience than putting filters into a website and figuring out which diamond to get and what C to compromise to stay in budget.

The setting is when the experience became truly amazing. We had an idea what we were looking for and we brought in a few photos of the features we were interested in. Andrew looked over all of our ideas and took measurements of my fiancé’s finger and said he would get a concept together. A few days later he called us in and he had a 3D rendering of the design we were looking for. It was high poly and he had some texturing input and explained the paves and how the setting was constructed. A few days after this we were able to check out the resin model the ring would be cast out of. This was another opportunity to make tweaks and customizations (none were needed because the ring was exquisite). Finally after another week I was able to pick up the finished ring.
The experience at DND was perfect. No pressure and an owner who is proud of his work and takes it the heart that you are as proud of the final product as he is. The detailing and micro work on the ring were amazing (done in house by Andrew’s Father). Every time someone see’s my fiancé’s ring they are speechless. It truly lights up the room when she enters.

I cannot more highly recommend going to DND. You will get something unique and of amazing quality. You will have a ring like to other. Don’t go to Jared and Helzburg or Kay or any mall jewelry store and buy something off the shelf. You will vastly overpay and get a poor quality stone in a preset setting that someone else picked out. Simplest way to say it: A jewelry store ring will appraise for what they sell it to you for. Our ring from DND independently appraised for far more than I paid.
Sean M. Google Review