I’d like to take a moment to reflect on my positive experience with DnD Jewelers that occurred about a month ago. I brought my Tag Heuer Carrera Automatic to this little charming shop off Route 3 in Fredericksburg, VA and was immediately greeted by the founder’s son. Right off the bat, he was very enthusiastic in assisting me with my needs and was a passionate timepiece person, himself.

I bought my Tag about 5 years ago and approached DnD to get a little more information on service options. I built incredible rapport and trust with Nader that I decided to drop my watch off on the spot. Nader was very committed to keeping me looped on my service / repair status and was quite accurate with his repair time range. When I picked up the watch about 10 days later, I could not believe it was my own watch. The Tag Heuer Authorized Repair Center did such a phenomenal job with polishing / rehauling the timepiece, it looked as if I pulled it out of the box for the first time 5 years ago. The chronograph was also replaced and my time was just as accurate, if not more accurate, from when I originally purchased it.

I walked out the store feeling great. My timepiece was serviced well, I had a great experience with a well-established business as DnD Jewelers, but I had NO idea that it would get the attention in the weeks that led to this write up. I was attending a Leadership Conference and received so many compliments on my timepiece from my peers!

I want to thank Nader and the rest of the DnD staff for taking the time, diligence and care they put into my request and I will definitely be returning to DnD for my future jewelry purchases.

Eddie R.