I’m always a little bit late [3 years] with my comments – but like to test the quality before commenting. So here it is: We have two wonderfully designed [her/his] wedding rings that DND custom designed/made for the renewing of our Vows [45 years of marriage], and we truly LOVE them. We are more than well pleased with DND’s outstanding workmanship. The rings look so lovely that people we don’t know makes comments about how nice they look and how blinding the diamonds are! Wherever we go, we catch eyes looking at our rings! Guess so, they are not cheap, but the cost was quite reasonable. Yet, the Appraisal value is much, much higher! Thanks to the DND family! You deserve five stars and more!!! We will surely return in 2014 to have other jewelry items custom made for our 50 years of marriage in April 2015.

-Robert Weldon