It was the classic cold,dark, rainy night in November. My father had asked me to go see his friend for an anniversary gift for my mother. Dad was in a nursing home and was already upset that he could not choose a gift for what would be their 55th anniversary. My funds were very limited and I wondered how I would be able to get a gift worthy of their day. But I went to DND and told Mr.Elawar my story and my funds. Without hesitation, he reached into the case and brought out a
beautiful sapphire necklet and asked if it would do. I was stunned. My father gave my mother that necklet and it remains her favorite treasured piece. It is also the last gift from my father, Charles Kindred. I remembered Mr. Elawar’s compassion when I brought my husband in to choose his birthay present. The gentlemen in this shop are helpful, kind and budget conscious to help give detail to special gifts. Thank you so very much!

~ Susan Ashby